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About the author # Are you happy? What makes you happy?

Priscilla Felicia Harmanus - 22 may 1993 - the Netherlands: I like to describe myself as a free happy person in a phase who enjoys dealing with people who are self-aware. In recent years I have become very enthusiastic and curious about the GNU/Linux community and ''the GNU Project''.

Most people  have never heard of  GNU by Richard Stallman


A person like me seeing the name ''GNU'' for the first time in "GNU Ubuntu/Linux
won't immediately know what it represents, but I am one ste

closer to finding it out. 



- Now, I can come join you in the free world that you’ve people built
- Priscilla Felicia Harmanus, 1993 from the Netherlands

I am currently studying the philosophy behind GNU/Linux because it obviously feels something natural to do. I know about Richard Stallman & Linus Benedict Torvalds since the last two years when I first discovered this video documentairy ''The Code: Story of Linux'' in the year of 2017 when I searched for the words ''linux'' and ''code.'' Also this video is worth watching.

In order to produce a translation which is accurate and faithful to the original, I need to be familiar with the basic concepts of the GNU Project and the specific terminology using in gnu.org & study the philosophy of the free software movement, so that I can present it properly and clearly. '

Priscilla's Story in Decision Making & her Process of Movement through Freedom (GNU/Linux)

I become in the position to share my commitment to Free and Open software and technical solutions that I am become interested to work in a completely Windows-free zone with a team working in a Linux only environment. 

I have also become interested in practicing by asking the right questions in order for effective formulating.

For various reasons I don't do social media. Means you won't find me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you would like to know a bit more about me, feel free to navigate to my personal site.

- "I am extremely comfortable with teaching myself new skills. I just do not know what I should be working on" #Science of Happiness #Science of Speech

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Free Software movement » About me

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