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The best exploit is the end user, regardless of the software

Let me state for a fact that there are dishonest Linux users. Be insulted about that but it is true. There
are also dishonest windows users and if you look at the ratio of operating system
usage I would say that there are far more dishonest windows users
than there are Linux users.

I have read and agree to the Terms
is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.

Dishonest linux userOperating usage

Most people  have never heard of  GNU

A person like me seeing the name ''GNU'' for the first time in "GNU Ubuntu/Linux" won't 
immediately know what it represents, but I am one step
closer to finding it out. 


- Now, I can come join you in the free world that you’ve people built
Priscilla Felicia Harmanus, 1993 from the Netherlands

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non free version consider for instance

Apache Apache is very popular and its

license is free but not copyleft and

when you see the figures about the

fraction of machines on the servers on

the net that are using Apache well that

counts the modified non free version and

the fraction that are running a free

version of Apache is considerably

smaller so it is a real problem today

that non free modified versions can

result in users not really having

freedom now my goal was specifically to

give users freedom so I developed the

technique of copyleft to make sure they

really would get the same freedom that

the program when it got to your hands

would come with the same freedom that it

had when it

mine okay I'm sure you've heard this

before but uh I gotta ask what distro do

you run I run Oh to toe okay and which I

chose because it is entirely free

software you know the extent to which

our community has lost track of freedom

can be measured by looking at the fact

that there are hundreds of distributions

of the GNU plus Linux system and nearly

all of them contain non free software or

recommend non-free software for years

there was literally no place I could

tell people to look for a free version

of you know plus Linux because all the

distributions I knew of had non-free

software in them now there are a handful

of distributions that are entirely free

you can see the list on gnu org

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The term remote machine refers to a computer connected to the network other than the computer which a user is currently using.

Although the word remote implies that the other computer is some distance away, this is not necessarily the case; the computer can be anywhere, even in the same room. The word machineis frequently used as a synonym for computer.

The term can also be modified to refer to the type of computer, such as a remote Linux machine or remote Solaris machine.

The word remote is similarly used to modify other words in a computer context, for example a remote server and a remote user.

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